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Ball on Tennis Court

Recycle your tennis balls and  help save the planet!

Be Part of the Solution Today

Image by Katie Rodriguez

125 Million

Tennis Balls Are Dumped Into Landfills Nationwide EACH Year

Image by John Fornander

400 Years

For One Tennis Ball to Decompose

Image by Rodrigo Kugnharski

10,000 Balls

Repurposed to Provide Raw Materials for the Base of One Tennis Court

How It Works


After receiving your recycling bin, installation is as simple as attaching the bin to the fencing of your tennis court. This provides players with court-side convenience, making recycling even easier! 


Once the bin is installed at the court, your players can simply recycle their used tennis balls by placing them in the hole at the top of the bin. Each bin holds up to 200 balls. This is a way better alternative than throwing dead balls in the trash or deep into the woods!


Full bins will then enter the shipping process. Balls will be boxed up (100-350 per box) and shipped to Recycle Balls in Vermont. Recycle Balls will even provide you with a free shipping label! Visit the Recycle Balls website for more information on the shipping process. 

Learn more about our Partnership with UVA IM-Rec Sports!

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